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Bleach fanfiction recommendations
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Ladies & gents, bring out those bookmarks and your memories entries because here, at bleach_recs, we are asking for Bleach fanfiction that is highly recommended by you, the reader. If you've stumbled across a piece of literature that you feel deserves to be acknowledged then, by all means ... here's the place to put it!

What we're looking for where the Bleach fandom is concerned comes in many shapes and sizes, has many forms of rating and genre. From Rated G fanfiction to Rated NC-17, you recommend it, go ahead and add it! From Angst to supernatural to thriller to sappy, fluffy romance, you recommend it, add it! Songfics, one-shots, multi-chaptered, parody; we'll take it all in and distribute it around to all interested.

PLEASE make sure the entries aren't full of spelling errors and other errors where proper grammar pertains. I'm sure the readers don't want to be distracted from the story itself by a bunch of badly spelt words.

There is no limit to the pairing, no limit to the genre or rating, no limit to how many entries you post a day. We welcome everything from crack-pairing to canon.

Did I mention that we even welcome drabbles?

We only have one condition: No outside links. Only Livejournal links.

When you are recommending more then one piece, please do so in one post, not seperate posts for each recommendation. Below is what we're going to ask you to follow when posting:


Author: (username)
Rating: PG-13, NC-17, R, G, etc., etc.
Genre(s): Drama, romance, death, whatever
Category: One-shot, multi-chapter, song-fic, etc.
Character: (insert bleach character or pairing here)
Summary: (summary, yadda yadda lalalala)

HERE (<--- link)

When you are posting a multi-chaptered fic, please post seperate links to each chapter. And don't worry about tagging and adding your submissions to the memories, we have that all taken care of. ♥♥

Please give a heads up to the author(s) of the piece(s) you are recommending, let them know their entries have been added to the community.

Other then what's been posted here, that's about it until we change something concerning the guidelines.


If you wish to affiliate with us, please leave a message to this post.