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Ichigo fic [Oct. 21st, 2010|08:47 am]
Bleach fanfiction recommendations



I'm searching for a fanfiction and hope someone will be able to help me.
Ichigo gets transported to "our" world. A girl had got a... talisman or something from someone.. and she wished it, not thinking the wish will come true.
That girl is a huge Bleach / Ichigo-fan. When Ichigo enters her room, it's full of posters etc. of himself.
I further remember, that the girl was alone that evening, when Ichigo appeared in her.. kitchen (?). And I think the girl had some scars on her face from a fire or something and would get bullied for it. Hmm.... I'm not sure, but if I remember right.. the two of them start to think up a cover story, for when her father / guardian comes back - what to tell him, that now Ichigo is there. But instead of being surprised the father just says something like "Oh, hey. Finally you've arrived. After all you are the cousin / friend of my daughter.". Something like that... and it's even more puzzleling for the two of them, how the "dimension" has sat itself right, after Ichigos appearance.
But I'm not sure.. maybe I'm mixing two storys up in that last bit, that the father thinks Ichigo is her cousin.

Could somebody help me find that fic? I really liked it.